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The SRS-SD 1000 and SRS-SD 2000 are designed to make multiple measurements in several locations. The CO2 and H2O analysis systems are right next to the soil chamber eliminating gas hang-ups, and water vapor drop out, while substantially improving measurement response times. The SRS-SD 1000 and SRS-SD 2000 will measure soil CO2 flux with direct readout of Ce and NCER values.
The ACE system offers several improvements over the competition including the ability to multiplex up to 30 individual units together. The CO2 infrared gas analyzer is integrated into the soil measuring chamber to eliminate gas hang-ups, eliminate water vapor dropout, and dramatically reduce power consumption. ACE also offers various sample chamber options to improve accuracy and versatility, including the choice of open or closed systems.
The Next Generation in Automated Long Term Soil CO2 Flux Measurement
ACE - Automatic Stand Alone Long Term Soil CO2 Flux System
SRS 1000 & SRS 2000 - Highly Portable Open Survey Soil Respiration Systems