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Plant Stress Measurement

Chlorophyll Content Meters
Chlorophyll Fluorometers for Plant Science - Several models are available for a wide range of plant stress measuring requirements.
See the new OS5p+ -the first chlorophyll fluorometer to offer qM, chloroplast migration measurement.
Anthocyanin Content Meter - New Nondestructive measurement of anthocyanin content. The ACM-200 plus uses proven technology for measuring anthocyanin content.
Chlorophyll Fluorometers
CCM-200 plus - Nondestructive measurement. A proven instrument for traditional measuring samples such as corn and wheat. It offers the best specifications in the market place. CCI or SPAD meter readout available. The CCM-200 plus is used for nitrogen fertilizer management, as well as for measuring plant health.
New CCM-300 Proven technology very small and difficult to measure samples: Chlorophyll content can now be measured from germination through maturity on conifer needles, rice, turf grass, Arabidopsis, small leaf grains, seeds, fruit, moss, lichens, algae on rocks, plant stems, petioles, CAM plants such as prickly pear cactus or Indian fig, or cactus fig, agave, and pineapple.
Products from ADC BioScientific
Soil CO2 Flux & Soil Survey Respiration Instrumentation - Soil CO2 flux measuring systems for automated long term stand alone measurements, and instruments for soil survey respiration measurements.
Truly Portable Photosynthesis Systems - Measure CO2 and H2O. Each photosynthesis system is designed for the highest degree of automation and reliability. ADC products have been trend setters since 1970. See the new LCpro-SD and the new LCi-SD photosynthesis systems. See the new iFL integrated fluorometer - gas exchange system with leaf absorptance measurement, & white actinic illumination that allows reliable chloroplast migration.
Field Portable Leaf Area Meter - with image capture and image storage. This is the number one selling leaf area meter in the world. The ADC AM-350 leaf area meter measures leaves of all types, including large leaves, wide leaves, long leaves, & leaf disease area.
General Fluorescence Probe / Custom and OEM Fluorometers - New - Detect a wide variety of fluorescence markers, and tags, including green fluorescent protein (GFP), red fluorescent protein (RFP) with this compact fiber optic fluorometer for science and industry.