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Opti-Sciences has written a series of application notes that provide a review of issues that affect chlorophyll fluorescence measurement techniques, and methods that are used to provide reliable and time tested results. This list is updated as new application notes become available. If you have a topic that you would like to see covered in the future, please contact us. Check items wanted.
#0109 Nutrient Plant Stress Measurement
#0110 Quenching Measurements
#0111 Check List for Reliable Fv/Fm
#0211 Checklist for Reliable Y(II) Yield
#0212 Fluorescent Ratio Chlorophyll Content
#0711 Using Gas-Exchange for Plant Stress Measurement
#0509 Y(II) (or ΔF/FM', Φpss or Yield) Value & Limitations
#0310 Instrumentation for Nitrogen Management
#0312 Chlorophyll Fluorescence Heterogeneity
#1213 Chloroplast Migration - Game Changing Research
#0410 Improved Very Early Water Stress Assay
#0214 Is White Light Better?
NEW #0415 Variable Chlorophyll Fluorescence Overview (2015)
#0309 Dark Adaption
#0411 Checklist for reliable Quenching (NPQ etc..)
#0112 Importance of Light History
#0412 Rapid Light Curves - An Overview
#0510 Heat Stress Measurement & Limitations
#0610 Measuring Cold Stress in Plants
#0712 Overview of Plant Stress Testing
#0809 PAR, Y(II), and ETR
#0811 Fm' Correction for Y(II) and ETR (Loriaux 2013)
#0909 Light Curves
#0911 Anthocyanin Measurement
#1012 Integrated Fluorescence and Gas Exchange
#1209 Gas exchange and Fluorescence
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