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Portable Fluorometers

Opti-Science products are made in the USA

For service and repair call 603-883-4400, fax to 603-883-4410, or e-mail to

For operation manuals, supporting references, stress guides, or, other types of help call 603-883-4400 or email

Opti-Sciences operates a world wide distribution network. Please contact us for a dealer near you or go to the distribution icon above for distributor information.

Warranty and Repair Information: All Opti-Sciences products are covered under a one year parts and labor Warranty from date of shipment. Shipping costs to the factory are paid by the customer. Shipping costs for return shipments to the customer are paid by Opti-Sciences if the product is covered under warranty.

For Non-Warranty Repairs: Repair estimates are free of charge and shipping costs will be charged to the customer.

Return authorizations: A Return Authorization number is required for sending any instrument back to the factory. Please Call 603-883-4400 or e-mail for a return authorization number.