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General fluorescence probe for various fluorochromes & GMO - genetically modified organism detection

The GFPIII is a general purpose modulated fiber optic probe fluorometer designed for a variety of measurement applications. It is available with a choice of excitation and detection modules to meet most fluorescence measurement requirements including popular selections such as; Chlorophyll, Rhodamine, Fluorescein, GFP, and most other Fluorescent compounds. Custom modules can also be created for special applications, with filters available from the longer wavelength UV to the near infrared range.


  • Lightweight, Hand-Held Design Optimized for Field Discrete sample measurement - solid, plant, animal tissue or liquid
  • Single sampling or continuous monitoring rates from1 per second to 1 per minute
  • User Changeable source & detect filter modules
  • Bright Color Graphic data display
  • 8 Hrs use on two AA rechargeable batteries
  • Data logging up for up to 2 gigabytes of data
  • Stand Alone Operation- No P.C. Required
  • As a hand-held, field portable instrument, the light weight and easy to carry GFPIII incorporates on-board data logging and a bright TFT color graphics touch sensitive display screen for system parameters and data display. Up to two gigabytes of data, traces, calibration tables, and user settings can be stored on the instrument. Rechargeable AA batteries will commonly allow the instrument to run for up to eight hours before recharging. A second set of batteries are included with the instrument. A metal leaf clip is provided for those doing transgenic and GFP detection studies as well.

    Opti-Sciences has designed this instrument to provide the most reliable results available by including temperature compensation and multi-point calibration capabilities over the measuring range selected.

  • Measured Parameters:

    User programmable, can calibrated to known chemical concentrations, or ratios. The number of calibration tables and measurement parameter descriptors are only limited by the memory capacity.


    User defined down to 1 ppb.


    Fluoroprobe dependent. For example; 10ppb for Fluorescein in pure water and 30ppb for Rhodamine in pure water.


    One LED (selected for application) LEDs range from 375nm to 660nm. User changeable.


    Solid state, high sensitivity detector. Band limiting filter sets provided. Filters set the detection range. Wavelengths available from 400nm to 750nm. User changeable.


    Modulated light digitally controlled to minimize background detection. Temperature compensation included for light source and detector.

    Storage Capacity:

    2 gigabytes internal non-volatile flash memory.


    single point measurement, or continuous measurement with a sampling range of 1 per second to 1 per minute.

    Measurement interface:

    Bifurcated fiberoptic probe (4mm dia)

    Measurement Area:

    3 mm diameter circle at probe tip

    User Interface:

    240 x 320 pixel Color touch screen with stylus

    Data Output:

    USB 1.1

    Temperature Range:


    Power Source:

    2 Rechargeable AA batteries (2 additional spare batteries included)

    Auto Off Interval:

    User programmable (no key or download activity)


    12cm x 9cm x 3 cm


    0.6 lbs 275gm

    Components included:

    GFPIII Fluorometer, fiberoptic probe, sample holder clip, stylus, battery charger, 4 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, USB cable, and users guide CD.

  • Rhodamine - S530 & D590 filter set

    Fluorescein - S460 & D530 filter set

    Green Fluorescent Protein - S460 & D530 filter set


    Other filter sets available on request.

  • PDF document.

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