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Portable Anthocyanin Content Meter.

The ACM-200 plus Anthocyanin Content Meter provides a fast estimate of anthocyanin content on the intact leaves of plants and flowers. The measurement is rapid, nondestructive and simple to obtain, allowing researchers to gather reliable data that has been shown to correlate to chemical testing. It is not designed to by used with samples that have high chlorophyll content.


  • Stores up to 160,000 measurements - Built-in Data-Logging
  • Displays Anthocyanin Content Index
  • It has the ability to calculate sample averages (from 2-30)
  • USB output in comma delineated files directly to Excel ®
  • Lightweight, hand-held design optimized for field work
  • Graphic data display
  • Stand alone operation- No P.C. required
  • This is an affordable instrument that will work with leaves or flowers. It works well with samples that do not have a high chlorophyll content (van den Berg A.K., Perkins T.D. 2005), (Morris J.B., Wang M.L. 2007). Designed for one handed operation, averaging is also possible. It includes a non-volatile flash memory that can store between 94,000 and 160,000 measurements. Data transfer is by USB port.

  • Measured Parameters:

    Optical absorbency in two different wave bands (530 nm and 931 nm). Designed to measure chlorophyll content and compensate for leaf thickness.

    Measurement Area:

    3/8" diameter circle, (0.71 cm2).


    +/- 0.1 ACI Unit.


    +/- 1%.


    (1) LED (peak at 530nm).

    (1) Infrared LED (peak at 931 nm).


    Silicon photodiode with integral amplifier for absorptance measurement and source power monitoring for temperature compensation.

    Storage Capacity:

    Between 94,000 and 160,000 measurements.


    Single point measurement,

    2 to 30 point averaging

    10 to 30 point averaging with elimination of fliers outside a two sigma range.


    Alpha numeric comments may be added with each measurement or only when there is a change that requires notes.

    User Interface:

    128 x 32 pixel display, 6 keys for control and data manipulation, beep signal for status and warnings.


    USB 1.1 and RS-232 interface for GPS.

    Temperature Range:


    Temperature Drift:

    Temperature compensated source and detector circuitry for minimum drift over full range.

    Power Source:

    9V Alkaline Battery.

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