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Chlorophyll Content Meter - works on small & difficult samples & provides a larger reliable measuring range than other instruments

The CCM-300 uses a proven fluorescence ratio technique for chlorophyll content measurement at an affordable price. Readout is directly in chlorophyll content mg/m2, and measurement ratio.


  • Reliable results on very small leaves, stems, petioles, and immature plants
  • Chlorophyll content can now be measured from germination through maturity on most plants
  • High degree of correlation with chemical tests, even at higher chlorophyll content levels.
  • Larger measuring range - reliable measurement from 41 mg/m2 to 675 mg/m2
  • Great for nitrogen management applications because it does a better job with well fertilized plants, used as a reference, in management applications.
  • Allows on-board averaging of up to 30 measurements for nitrogen management applications
  • Integrated GPS/GLONASS location receiver
  • USB port for easy data transfer

Allows measurement of

  • Conifer needles
  • Immature wheat
  • Immature rice
  • Turf grass
  • Aradibopsis
  • Algae on rocks
  • Lichens
  • Seeds
  • Fruit & vegetables
  • Stems and petioles
  • Small leaf grains
  • Moss
  • CCM-300  Chlorophyll Content Meter is designed to measure difficult samples. It can be used on conifers, turf grasses, moss, lichen, immature wheat, immature Arabidosis, stems, and petioles, as well as easier samples, like corn and broadleaf plants. The instrument was designed around research done by Gittelson, Bushman, & Lichtenthaler in 1999. The research shows that this method offers a larger reliable measuring range than absorption style meters, provides a ratio that correlates with chemical tests & provides direct readout of chlorophyll content in mg/m2, that is reliable for many plant species. Adjustments to the direct chlorophyll content readout equation are possible for other species.

  • Measured Parameters:

    Relative chlorophyll content in mg/m2.

    CFR (Chlorophyll Fluorescence Ratio) - fluorescence emission ratio of intensity at 735nm / 700nm.

    GPS location.

    Measurement Area:

    3 mm diameter circle. Instrument will reliably measure samples that are much smaller than 3 mm.


    1 mg/m2 (0.01 CFR).


    460nm blue LED with half bandwidth of 15nm.

    Sample probe:

    0.9 meter long fiber optic probe.


    Dual simultaneous wavelength detection at 700nm and 730nm.

    GPS location:

    Built in GPS / GLONASS 12 channel receiver with internal antenna.

    Storage Capacity:

    Greater than 350,000 measurements.


    Single point measurement.

    Measurement averaging for 2-30 samples.

    Averaging with 2 sigma outlier removal.

    Median determination.

    User Interface:

    240 x 320 pixel color touch screen.


    USB removable storage device standard. Comma delimited files.

    Temperature Range:

    0 - 50oC, non condensing.

    Power Source:

    2 rechargeable AA batteries. Charger included. Typical run time is 4-6 hours with freshly charged batteries.


    12 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm.


    0.8 lbs (350 g).

    Components included:

    Chlorophyll content meter, fiberoptic, sample clip, battery charger, 4 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, USB cable, calibration slide, transport case, and manual.

    Specifications subject to change without notice.

  • PDF document.

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