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Multiple wavelength pigment meter

Field portable pigment meter using optical transmittance and fluorescence to characterize intact leaves. Five narrow band light sources are independently controlled for precise and repeatable readings. Three are used exclusively to excite fluorescence, the remaining two are for transmittance. Calculations can be modified for custom parameter measurements.


  • Direct measurement of fluorescence induced by three separate excitation sources
  • Direct measurement of transmittance at two wavelengths
  • Standard model measures chlorophyll content, anthocyanin content flavonol content and nitrogen flavonol index
  • 9.5mm diameter measurement area
  • Measurement indicator for top or bottom of leaf
  • Integrated GPS/GLONASS location receiver
  • USB port for easy data transfer
  • Source and detection wavelength options available
  • Color touch screen
  • Uses standard rechargeable AA batteries
  • User programmable for custom parameter measurements
  • Built-in storage for thousands of measurements
  • The MPM-100 is a field portable pigment measuring instrument. It can be used on any thin, flat material to measure both optical transmittance and fluorescence characteristics. The sample measuring area is 9.5mm in diameter. The top measuring head contains five light sources and a filtered detector. Three of the sources are dedicated to fluorescence excitation and two are for transmittance. The bottom measuring head contains a broadband detector for transmittance measurements. The detector filter is set for the target fluorophore.

    User defined formulas calculate final values. This allows for custom tests to be developed and implemented. The instrument includes a high performance data logger, 3.2" touch sensitive color LCD screen, USB connectivity, built in GPS receiver, and internal data storage.

    When a test is started, three source LEDs are flashed and the resulting fluorescence is recorded from the top sample head. Flashes of light are very brief to minimize any effect on the sample. Transmittance measurements are then made by flashing the two remaining LEDs and recording the signal present on the bottom sample head.

    Fluorescence LEDs and detector are factory calibrated for a normalized response. Relative changes between fluorescence channels are minimized because the fluorescence is excited and detected on the same side of the sample resulting in no movement between the sources and detector.


  • Measured parameters:

    Three fluorescence signals and two transmittance signals. Data can be processed and displayed by user defined programming formulas.

    GPS location.

    Fluorescence sources:

    LED. Three channels available. Default values are 375nm, 525nm, and 660nm. Other wavelengths from 260nm to 950nm available.

    Fluorescence detection:

    Single channel silicone photo diode. Default filter installed for 720nm to 900nm range. Custom filters available from 400nm to 900nm. available.

    Transmittance sources:

    LED. Two channels available. Default values are 720nm and 850nm. Other wavelengths available from 405nm to 950nm available.

    Transmittance detection:

    Single channel silicon photo diode. Default broadband diffuser installed usable from 405nm to 950nm. Custom window options available.


    Built in GPS / GLONASS 12 channel receiver with internal antenna.

    User Interface:

    240 x 320 pixel color touch screen.

    Storage Capacity:

    Greater than 300,000 measurements.


    USB removable storage device standard. Comma delimited files.

    Temperature Range:

    0 - 50oC, non condensing.

    Power Source:

    2 Rechargeable NiMH AA batteries. Charger included. Typical run time is 4 hours with freshly charged batteries.


    78mm x 50mm x 180mm.


    270g with batteries.

    Components included:

    Meter, battery charger, 4 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, USB cable, stylus, carrying case, and manual.

    Specifications subject to change without notice.

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