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Plant Stress Measurement



Wall mounted CO2 and H2O monitor for labs, green houses, growth chambers & air quality monitoring

A highly stable monitoring system that measures CO2 to 1ppm in a range of 0-2000ppm, and H20 to 1% relative humidity in a range of 0-100% relative humidity. The instrument is designed for long-term monitoring.


  • Instrument zero calibration happens with every measurement
  • Integral sample pump with adjustable flow rate
  • Auto logging to removable SD memory cards
  • 2 user configurable alarm relays
  • 7 analog inputs for external sensors
  • USB and analog output
  • The EGA30 features a thermostatically controlled infra-red gas analyzer, ensuring stability over a wide range of operating temperatures. By controlling the temperature above ambient levels we remove the possibility of humid sample gasses condensing inside the gold plated analysis cell.

    H2O measurement is by the latest technology, laser trimmed sensors.

    All readings are automatically compensated for changes in atmospheric pressure.

  • CO2:

    0 - 2000ppm as standard




    0-100% RH,


    1% RH

    Pump flow maximum:

    At least 500cc/min


    0 - 500 cc/min

    Internal Backup battery:

    12V lead acid, 2.1Ahr

    DC Voltage in:

    Minimum 11.5V Maximum 17.5V

    DC Current in:

    1A maximum. Protected with replaceable fuse.

    Analog input channel resolution:

    12 bit. Accuracy +/- 1.5%

    Atmospheric pressure range:

    600-1100 mbar. Accuracy: -4/+2 mbar

    IP rating:



    Width 287mm x Depth 191mm x Height 168mm

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